News representative, Srinagar: BA and BSc students in the first year after the process - students reach the college has begun. Counseling process began on Monday for the first year BSc.Given the bad weather in Pradeshbr students - the students are given for four days.

Birla Garhwal University campus in the first year graduates continue on merit. On Monday, the first merit list the total 329 BSc students - students called for counseling. In 61 normal female, normal male 118, depending Three freedom fighters, military dependents, five, SC 90, ST 10 and OBC 32 students - students are involved. Lasted until late in the evening after counseling 112 students - students enrolled in first year BSc. Nine students will be able to enter it until August.

BA operates on the first of three to four hundred students in counseling - students were enrolled. Counselling BSc Chairman Pro.Singh and supported by other teachers.

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