Dehradun, August 13
The accident insurance scheme would no longer be run by insurance companies for the police personnel in the state. The police headquarters has taken over the task. The amount of claim, too, has been significantly increased.
The decision was taken by Director General of Police Vijay Raghav Pant at a meeting of the police welfare review committee on the PHQ premises today, where the accident insurance scheme was also discussed.
It was found that in 2010-11 and 2011-12, a premium of Rs 38 lakh and Rs 43 lakh, respectively, was paid to the insurance company, whereas payment of Rs 31 lakh and Rs 21 lakh to the claims was made by the company in these two respective years. Noticing the loss to the department under this procedure, it was decided to pay the claims through welfare fund of the department directly.
The members also demanded increase in the insurance claims. Hence, the amount paid by the insurance company hitherto in case of casualty from Rs 2,10,000 has been increased by the committee to Rs 2,50,000 and on damage to two limbs in accidents, the increment in insurance claim has been raised from Rs 2,10,000 to Rs 2,40,000.

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