May 31,

Bhimtal: Bhimtal lake Haldwani has been off the water supply. Demand for irrigation water from Haldwani block such a decision is due to the failure. Water demand was made by May 31. The exit was closed Thursday evening. Wyvsthanusar when the demand for water drainage can be restored.
Late Thursday evening it had not been sought by Haldwani irrigation segment. Haldwani and Bhimtal on June 15 from May 15 to leave the water system. And more than hundred years have passed since this tradition. Assistant Engineer, Irrigation Department, said Hem Chandra Joshi Haldwani from May 15 to May 31 to 50 cusecs of water daily for irrigation block were asked to leave. When demand and can extend the system by June 15. Bhimtal dam capacity is currently 45 feet, 44 feet in the water is filled. 37.7 feet of water in the dam on May 15, which on Thursday reached 31.9 feet.
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This will restore supply
Haldwani: Executive Engineer MC Pandey said the first phase of the demand letter was sent from May 15 to June 31.May 15 to June 15 of the rules relating to the availability of water, the water department can refuse to Gula.

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