Dehradun. Late night drunken car carrying three young men riding a bike Saimndir and blew up the wrong side. He was hospitalized in critical condition Simai.Police caught the driver's car. Two accused escaped. Car driver Subhash Road is the son of a famous hotelier. Bottles of wine from the police car and some other drugs may also be present.
Rajpur police said Tuesday night the three young men playing squash i10 car was going to Mussoorie. Saimndir As soon as the car reached the wrong side of the car driver coming down and riding a bike blew up. He was so badly injured.Surrounded by the people around the car. Simai transported the injured. Two young men went out to have a chance to ride in the car. Police arrived at the scene detained the driver. He had drunk alcohol. His identity as the son of Subhash Road was a hotel owner. As a resident of Raipur Dharamveer injured were identified. He Ilacktrishian and was returning from work. Late at night, her condition deteriorated Simai was referred to the PGI Chandigarh.

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