Dehradun. 26 years later, the lights went Chamasari village, but the energy due to the negligence of the corporation is still more than 400 homes in the dark. Local people power sub - stations to come and are seeking a connection to the past six months, but is without a hearing. Angry people on Wednesday in protest at the power sub-station at IT Park Blackjack Lkund fiercely performed. These people were in the hands of old electric meters. The biggest reason is the anger of people who had connections with Logaen, there still is not coming to power, but Bill is constantly being sent. It alleges that some consumers the bill came to 10 to 15 thousand. Copy the hoist people during the protest.
The village head Ram Kishore said Motidhar Chamasari Chamoli, Nalikla, Jalki, Bipudka power is not coming in quite some time. Has complained several times, but did not see. Similarly Cmroli, Kyara, Zillah 15 Gram Panchayats in power comes only three days. Suresh Rana said local residents who have applied, they do not get the connection, then they will sit on fast unto death. BJP in protest of the District Vice President Anuj Pcwadun skills, Ghanshyam Negi, Principal Mohan Sharma, a considerable number of people present.

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