Aug 04, 0

Srinagar Garhwal: Garhwal University Chauras complex international University of the construction of the stadium proposal has been included in the 12th Plan. Once approved, work will begin on UGC. Sport at the University Sports Complex on the campus environment to the Chauras is being developed.
Dr. Uday Singh Rawat Garhwal University Registrar and Director of Physical Education, Dr. CP Singh informed Speaking to reporters on Saturday. Sports Complex badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc. Indoor sports and hockey, to football individually stadiums will be built.University of the game rules will be formulated. Jim has agreed Chauras complex and modern equipment are being procured for him.
University Registrar Dr Uday Singh Rawat said that the sports department proposed budget for this year's game has got 70 million. Dr. CP Singh said that on August 29 to celebrate the grand sports day sports competition will be held at the University.

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