Raiwala: Rajaji National Park and adjacent to the forest elephant in rural areas, the terror continues. Chiddrwala gambier from the day of riverside villages, broke into the herd of elephants are destroying crops of rice.
Evening the same day, the herd is headed to the village from the forest. The more terror gambier Kharag Sorry, Takurpur, Prtitnagr, sir, in the city and Chiddrwala. A herd of elephants in the hope of Chiddrwala plot against the destruction made in the paddy fields, and Potpourri Singh, Gulab Singh, ice Singh, Rajendra Shiv, Surendra Singh put several bighas of paddy crop is mowed. Elephants growing violence in the worst fear of the villagers panic. One field officer Hari Singh Rawat said that the information is immediately sent to the forest personnel.

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