Dehradun, August 16
As many as 18 shopkeepers, who are running shops in the new shopping complex near Clock Tower after they were relocated from Chakrata Road, have slammed officials of the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) for giving the stepmotherly treatment to them.
The traders are feeling ignored by the MDDA and other traders who have moved back to Chakrata Road and rebuilt shops on the remaining portion in possession of them.
Incensed over the dismal condition of the complex, thin footfall of customers, lack of facilities and no registration documents from the MDDA, the shopkeepers told the media today that they were planning to meet the Chief Minister and the Governor to seek solution of their problems or else they would sit on protest. They have also demanded pension for losing business in the building.
PK Garg, shopkeeper, said, "It has been seven months since we allotted the shops. The MDDA has not completed the process of legal registration documentation. In blatant violation of its own rule, the MDDA gave us the incomplete building whereas officials demand completion certificate before allowing any private builders to use any new premises."
The building is in a bad condition as the construction is still going on here. The floors which have been built are witnessing seepage in the rains due to the poor quality construction. Garg said, "The toilets have not been fully constructed. The place stinks as people have started using these. The lift portions on all floors, which do not have the lift facility as yet, have not been covered. Any one can fall into it. Construction material is lying in the staircase. Electrical wires have not been finely covered."
He said no sanitary worker came there to clean the place. The shopkeepers themselves do the task.
Dr Shobhit complained that there was no lights in the entire gallery of the building. The customers too do not prefer to use the parking space in absence of lighting arrangement. The place has become ideal for anti-social elements.

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