Aug 03,
The decreasing trend of foreign tourists at various tourist destinations in the tourism business of drawing as well as tourism development policy - makers have put emphasis on the forehead.The bad news is that the hill state of Uttarakhand, the favorite of foreign tourists also failed to place in ten states.
Union Tourism Ministry recently released figures from diverse cultural and natural heritage that are pointing towards India in 2011 has seen a marked trend of foreign tourists.However, the growth rate of foreign tourists in 2011 from 24.6 to stumble just a paltry 8.85 per cent.
Domestic tourists in 2010 was 11.8 per cent in terms of growth rate in 2011 reached 13.8 per cent. Ie, domestic tourists visit the country in various states of excitement going on, but the excitement of foreign tourists has gone down drastically. Tourism businesses and tourism development blueprint that policy - makers of high-anxiety situation as it unfolds. Domestic tourists list of the ten most preferred states of Uttarakhand, is ranked eighth, but foreign tourists top ten list of favorite states of Uttarakhand, their presence could not.
"Foreign tourists' favorite top 10 states of Uttarakhand were before. The first foreign tourists every year, came close to the 70-80 group, which has been reduced down to 30 group. Hiking and trekking is also a variety of fee increases. The State Government is planning a drastic reduction in such fees. "
- Nitesh Jha, Additional Secretary, Tourism
Influx of domestic tourists
Increase the number of
8510 million in 2011, 13.8 per cent
7480 million in 2010 to 11.8 per cent
6690 million in 2009 ----
The influx of foreign tourists
Increase the number of
1950 million in 2011, 08.85 per cent
1790 million in 2010 to 24.60 per cent
1440 million in 2009 ----
Inset ..
Tourist favorite top 10 states
Merit domestic foreign
1 Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra
2 Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
3 Tamil Nadu Delhi
4 Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh
5 Maharashtra, Rajasthan
6 Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal
7 Rajasthan, Bihar
8 Uttarakhand, Kerala
9 West Bengal, Karnataka
10 Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh

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