Dehradun, August 30
Councillor from Reetha Mandi Abdul Aziz has urged Governor Aziz Qureshi to ensure the availability of land for a graveyard in the region.
The councillor said, “The Dehradun Municipal Corporation had sometime ago provided 15 bighas for a graveyard in the Lohiyanagar region of Dehradun and a foundation stone was also laid. However, the land has been encroached upon and is yet to be handed over to the community," said councillor Aziz.
He said members of the Muslim community were facing a lot of problems in carrying out the last rites in the absence of a graveyard.
The councillor has sought the intervention of Governor Aziz Qureshi towards removing encroachment from the Lohiyanagar land and handing over this allotted land for the graveyard to the Muslim community.

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