Jun 19,
Haldwani: Rampur Road Rudrapur uncontrolled motion coming from a car going the roadways bus collided with. There were no injuries in the accident, but a car was badly damaged. Then came the car driver and co-workers cut detonators roadways bus damaged the stones on the glass. Some people were also injured in the minor. Police have seized two vehicles.
According to police, about four o'clock one evening Alto car was coming towards Rampur Road, Haldwani. Nanny Vihar Colony near Rudrapur going towards the car collided with a roadways bus. From bus and car collision in a strong voice stirred the people around. Collision of the car was badly damaged. However the driver was not hurt. On receipt of the car driver who co-created commotion at the scene. Pitched as well as just the damaged glass. Distention of the passengers - the rampage. Two passengers also were moderately injured. On receipt of the accident Teepinagr police station reached the spot. The two vehicles were brought to occupy the post. SI Ravinder Singh Negi said inquiries revealed that the car driver was drunk. After the accident, including car driver

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