Dehradun, August 28
The police today arrested Pravesh, resident of Haridwar, for withdrawing Rs 15,000 each from the accounts of Gauri Ghildiyal and Deepam Kshetri by using their ATM cards. The accused duped both the victims yesterday at the ATM centre of PNB, near Clock Tower. By seeing the footage and collecting more information, the police located the accused.
Ghildiyal, resident of Raipur Road, said she was recently issued an ATM card and came to check the balance in her account at the ATM centre. It was there that the accused continued to stand behind her and extended help when she could not get her account statement from the machine. She allowed him to swipe her ATM card. Even when he used the card, the machine continued to hang. Meanwhile, Gauri went to another ATM centre in the vicinity to check whether it was working. It was during this
intervening period that the accused withdrew the money.
A similar incident happened in the case of Kshetri, resident of village Badowala. The machine stopped working and the accused came forward to help. Kshetri recollected that he had taken his ATM card back from the accused. But, according to the police, the accused remembered the code number printed on the ATM card and used the duplicate one to withdraw the money. He used some kind of liquid to render the keys of the ATM dysfunctional, and, hence, trapped the naïve victims by extending help to them.
While trembling out of fear, Pravesh continued to reiterate that nobody should allow others to watch the code number printed on their ATM cards. He also kept saying that his family members who did not know about the dark side of his life would now kill him.
His father died long ago and he lives with his wife, children, brother's family and mother.
He has a small poultry business, which was not doing well. He said he learnt the technique of making duplicate ATMs from one of his friends, who had died.

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