Chamoli in Uttarakhand and the chaotic life of heavy rain

Frayed life from heavy rains in Uttarakhand. The night of August 3 in Uttarkashi to flash floods have washed away 52 people. 7 people have now confirmed the government's Mot. The District Chamoli, Nainital in the state, including torrential rains are heavy. The flow and torrential rain Yamunotri in Uttarkashi Gangori highway bridge is closed. Passengers have been stranded here and there by motorway blocked Jone. Gangotri Dham trip off. Eighty Ganga valley was devastated to have lost 4 of fire officers. The reach has been widespread damage to the dam Kafr dholi ..Ha of land were swept hundreds of Bhagirathi. Etc. in Alaknanda rivers flowing above danger level. Additional market collapsed houses in Chamoli Karnprayag two children were killed. One child died from flowing into the Gdere. Thousands of people are still stranded on the Badrinath route. Srinagar to be near the dam rivers in the area of ​​the Jnstr rising panic in people. A bridge connecting the village has been holding it down. Caras has swept the bridge. Anakon places in the mountainous regions of the state road was blocked. Most of the rivers water level has increased significantly. Almora all, including the Ramganga river water levels are increased rainfall

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