Dehradun, June 25
In line with it's expertise on forestry, Dehradun-based Forest Research Institute today finally managed to restore the historic Rudraksh tree that was planted by late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi way back on Dec 19, 1981, at the very sprawling FRI campus and had got uprooted under the impact of speedy winds yesterday.
FRI experts led by NSK Harsh, head of pathology division, FRI, took 5 hours, 30 minutes, and finally put in place the uprooted Rudraksh tree scientifically identified as Elaeocarpus sphaericus. Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had planted the Rudraksh sapling while inaugurating a social forestry museum in the institute.
Shortly after the tree was uprooted, Director General Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education VK Bahuguna had directed for immediate efforts to restore the historic tree. Dr Harsh informed that some branches of the tree were lopped to give life to the tree and fungicides applied to the branches, trunk and roots to prevent it from fungal infection.
Forest Research Institute Extension Department head AS Rawat disclosed that a JCB, two tractors and one crane had to be used to re-plant this important tree. Rooting hormone was applied to the roots of the tree to encourage root development. Fertilisers were given and watering of the tree was done subsequently.

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