Dehradun, August 30
President of the District Football Association (DFA) Upendra Singh Thapli today urged state Sports Minister Dinesh Aggarwal to put a check on disgruntled forces trying to create a parallel body to democratically elect the DFA office bearers in Dehradun.
Addressing a press conference here today, Thapli said those defeated in the DFA elections a few months back were now trying to set up a parallel body and trying to belittle DFA’s efforts to promote football in the region.
He said the DFA under his leadership was committed to the betterment of football in Dehradun. “We have democratically won the elections and those who have been defeated are now trying to disrupt football in Dehradun by trying to create a parallel body and hold another league,” Thapli pointed out.
He also held that 24 out of 36 football clubs were participating in the Lala Nemidas Memorial Football League, which evidently proves the wider acceptability of the DFA.
Thapli said since his election in the DFA, he had been making efforts to promote football activities in the district. “It is my mission to regain the lost glory of football in Dehradun,” he pointed out.

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