Aug 05

Chief Vijay Bahuguna said the silt of the state hydroelectric projects have been closed. The quota is less than the power supply. The state is willing to buy expensive electricity industries. He said that instead of APL cardholders two pound gain ten kilos rice. Three plain districts will be rigged to prevent the biometric ration cards.
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The quota is getting less power. Proposal from industry that they are willing to buy expensive electricity. The central government will be speaking. The rate at which electricity will be provided to industries at the same rate. Domestic consumers get electricity at fixed rates. He GVK project in Srinagar, five of the eight gates were opened, three gates were not opened, the scientific reasons behind it, the idea being.
He said that so far, two kilos of rice to the APL consumers was going to be now one kg of rice. The additional burden of Rs 80 crore will come. It will be offset by higher tax bracket. Rs 11.85 per kg rice to the central government is willing to pay. The purchase of rice at APL rate Pratikilo consumers will be six bucks.
He said the three plain districts Dehradun, Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar in large quantities in the problem of bogus ration cards have been exposed. Biometric ration cards are going to deal with it. It also came to the meeting that the Food and Supplies Department has a large number of vacancies. Food inspectors are only 136 vacancies. Commission was asked to send them to fill Adiacn. The other positions have been instructed to recruit through outsourcing.

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