Uttaranchal: Uttarkashi all organizations and institutions to help disaster victims are coming forward. Volunteers and medical relief team arrived in the affected area are divided up.
The first batch off relief
Race Course Srwsdani Govind Nagar Welfare Society and the Society sent the first batch of relief supplies arrived in Uttarkashi on Sunday. Anchored to the body with the necessary goods to the people divided. Tell that to raise relief Gurugovind Singh Chowk, Race Course was planted in the camp. The second group was told that on August 15 will be off to Uttarkashi, the Race Course Society president Devender Pal Singh, Harmeet Singh, Vishal Saloni, will include Gurujit Singh.
Five million of the relief sent
ONGC for nearly half a million victims of the drugs, first aid and relief supplies have been sent. With a team of doctors arrived in the area are engaged in relief work. Team, Dr KK Singh, Dr Asim, Dr A.. Dngwal, Dr. Azad Singh, RS Bhatt, BP Vashist, NK Bhat and SK are Pundir.
Nazir troops launched
The state president of Congress, ex-c. Balbir Singh Rawat, sent a letter to the commanding officer of the Garhwal Rifles in fifth position is likely to be urged to continue support. He said the dedication and passion fifth Garhwal personnel are helping victims of the disaster that is exemplary.
Body, mind, money pledged to cooperate
Gandhi Road in the office of the provincial industry trade delegation meeting decided to send relief supplies to disaster-affected area. Said the merchant service in this body, mind, wealth will cooperate. Chairman Vipin Naglia, Amarjit Singh Anand, Ramesh Prabhakar, Praveen Jain, Jasvir Chawla, Desh Bandhu Gupta, Roshan Lal Garg, etc. are present.
Restrict the amount of relief on shearer
CPI, CPM and CPI (ML) joint meeting of the government was accused of ignoring the disaster affected area. Shearer said that the relief amount without delay to prevent political parties, civil society and social organizations is called the joint meeting. At the meeting, the CPM state secretary Vijay Rawat, Gangadhar Nautiyal, CPI and CPI-ML state secretary Samar Bhandari, Raja Bahuguna present.
The government does not care about victims
Dehradun: one side is breaking havoc in Uttarkashi disaster, the Chief Minister are saying that the disaster is the result of nature, so Bhajan - Kirtan and pray to God that such a disaster did not ask. This unfortunate situation. Uttarakhand: Tehri Lok Sabha elections to protect the public in front of this question will take.
This Front candidate from Tehri Lok Sabha seat japendra Kunwar Singh Uttrakhandi "he told reporters on Saturday. He is the only city in the world 90 degrees Uttarkashi, a river in the foothills (Asiganga) on the banks of which there are 80 sections of small streams.
There are worse things so that they can not express in words. On this occasion Pangti SS, PC Thapliyal, Kartar Singh, Ajay Kathuria, Pritam Singh Nagpal, etc. are present

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