Vicasnagr. Laxmipur of many homes in the village late Monday night hightension line break and fell in the courtyard. Current in the line's been running all night. Hightension line of sight in the morning in the courtyard there was chaos. The development of the Energy Corporation. And the current was off. Thankfully, that incident happened at night, otherwise many people would come in its grip.
A dry tree in the village Gram Sabha Jamnkhata Lakshmipur the break-up hit the HT line. Break the line at two houses fell in the courtyard. Morning when people saw the HT line fell in the courtyard, his extremities were flowers. Receiving information, the Department and the fine line to cut off the electricity arrived at the scene.Prince, Meher Chand, every Singh, Meena Devi, etc. charged by the line of houses are going up. HT line has twice before falling. Due to the possibility of accidents have been seeking to shift the line several times, but the department is not giving any attention to.
Under Energy Corporation Engineer Ashwini Kumar admitted that some people are not connecting wire. Except a few houses of the village has been restored to power. Line to shift consumers to surrender money rules. Then the line would shift.

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