Dwarikhal. The woman accused of double murder in Pauri Akrodha jailed after her five children is now being referred to Child Protection Home Dehradun.
Two months before the double murder was Akrodha of Pauri. The police in the investigation into the Silogi a woman were arrested. Police have the woman has been charged with killing two people. Originally hails from Bihar jail on charges of murder crave leave of the goddess raising her five children is causing problems. She has four girls and one boy. The 15 year old girl and the little girl is three and a half years. Women's prison after their landlord raised the Devchandra was doing. In this regard, he appealed to the administration of the system maintenance. Brij Bhushan said Patwari Bmradha SDM directed at children Pauri Child Welfare Committee has been sent yet. A - These Child Protection Home Dehradun will be shipped in two days.

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