Aug 03, 06:37 pm

Vicasnagr: Pcwadun paddy crops currently in the 'bacterial leaf blight' of the outbreak has begun. At the beginning of bacterial leaf blight disease outbreak are beginning to be spots on the leaves, which take up the form of stripes. Outbreaks usually 14-22 per cent of production loss is estimated. Agricultural Science Center scientists surveyed the rice producing areas, farmers harvest disease prevention measures are described.
Area about 12 thousand hectares of paddy crop in the district is the district in the mountainous regions of the rice crop is 24 hundred hectares in area.
Scientist Dr. SS Singh, light brown stripes on the leaves start. Disease symptoms or the tip of the leaves starting to edge down towards the disease and severely infected plants are burned and collapsed. If the farmer does not adopt the disease control measures in time, usually 14-22 percent, 60-70 percent production loss may be increased. Dr. Singh is a devastating disease of the rice crop.
Scientific advice
- Five hundred grams of rice farmers and six grams स्ट्रेप्टोसाइक्लीव Aksicloraid copper sulphate solution by two hundred liters of water to spray twice at intervals of 10-12 days. A solution of chemicals found at the sticker at the rate per liter of water mixed spray. About 40-50 per cent increases the effectiveness of chemicals.

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