Earlier such proposals lying in cold storage
Seema Sharma
Dehradun, August 30
Importance is once again being given to building subways, overbridges and flyovers in the heavy traffic zones of the city during the meetings held at the higher rungs in the state government these days.
MLA, Rajpur Road, Raj Kumar, took the lead by proposing subways at three such locations and making the Chief Minister to give his nod to the proposals in public as well. However, it must not be forgetten that even the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) and Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC), too, placed such proposals in the recent past, got a part of the fund released under some of the schemes as well, but now all those proposals are lying in the cold storage for the sheer lack of initiative on the part of the state government.
Earlier, the MDDA was made the nodal agency for such proposals but now the picture is not clear. MLA Raj Kumar, who proposed subways at Clock Tower, Connaught Place and Estley T-point at the cost of Rs 528 lakh, Rs 240 lakh and Rs 518 lakh, said : “It is yet to be seen which government department will be selected as the nodal working agency for the construction of subways. The city also needs a number of flyovers and overbridges as well to lighten the burden of the burgeoning traffic in the limited and small areas.” He said earlier proposals as placed by the MDDA and the DMC would also be considered.
Vice Chairman, MDDA, RM Sundaram, said earlier they had hired a consultancy as well to take the proposals of flyovers and overbridges ahead but withdrew it after getting not much response from the state government.
The MDDA had proposed a flyover at Balliwala Chowk, ISBT and Saharanpur Chowk a few months ago. A flyover of 600 metres was to be built at the cost of Rs 21 cr at Balliwala Chowk. ISBT, which remains crammed with buses and other vehicles and connects to Delhi, Haridwar and other places, was also to have a flyover of 600 metres at the cost Rs 42 crore. An overbridge of 105 metres was to be constructed from Saharanpur Chowk to Prince Chowk. This stretch, too, has the maximum number of vehicles plying throughout the day.
The DMC had also laid out plans for subways and flyovers. The subways were to be constructed at Clock Tower, Connaught Place and Estley Hall. The flyover was proposed from Bannu School-railway station up to Bhandari Bagh, opposite Matawala Bagh. It would also connect to Saharanpur Chowk. Three overbridges were proposed near railway crossings in the city, which are Dharampur to Mata Mandir Road, Defence Colony and Mohkampur.
Mayor Vinod Chamoli has not lost hope and said the projects would now be proposed under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) for phase II. He said the JNNURM phase II was to be launched this year, which had not happened. The rest of the projects would be placed under phase II, barring overbridges where half of the funds would be allocated by the Railway Board and remaining half by the Center. He said demands for flyovers, overbridges and subways in the city were consistently being made for many years but they could never see the light of the day. 

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