Pithoragarh, August 13
Two power houses dependent on the water level in the Sharda river at Tanakpur and Khatima in the Kumaon region remained non-functional due to silt for 12 hours on Sunday. The power channel to the power house at Tanakpur was closed to avoid damage to turbines there due to excessive silt in the river. The power house had resumed generation after the flashing operation, said Rajesh Gupta, assistance manager at the Tanakpur power house of the NHPC.
He said power generation was stopped from 6 am to 7 pm yesterday as the water level in the Sharda river crossed the danger mark and reached one lakh cubic metre per second. It carried heavy silt with it. “We closed the power channel to save our turbine blades as soon as we received information about the water level in the river crossing the danger mark,” he added. The power house was operating at its full capacity and generating 94 MW at present, said Gupta.
The power generation at the Lohiahead house on the Sharda at Khatima in Udham Singh Nagar also remained suspended as the authorities had closed the power channel due to excessive silt in the river yesterday. “As the quantity of silt, sand and mud increased in the river we closed the channel to the Lohiahead power house as well,” said Jagdish Srivastava, a barrage attendant at the Sharda headwork at Banabasa town.
“Though power generation remained suspended for some time, we are now generating 32 MW after the flashing work was done in the river to keep away silt,” Srivastava said.
He said the water level in the Sharda generally remained between 4,000 and 35,000 cusecs during the October-June period, but it crosses the 5 lakh cubic metre per second mark during the monsoon.

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