Dehradun, August 16
Protesting against Vijay Bahuguna's refusal to accept the Nainital High Court's verdict of removing quota in promotions, state government employees held a massive rally today.
Under the aegis of the Uttarakhand Adhikari Karamchari Shikshak Sangharsh Morcha, all government employees coming from different districts of the state except Uttarkashi, gathered at the parade ground and then marched to the Secretariat.
At the parade ground, leaders condemned the Bahuguna government for succumbing to pressure exerted by three MLAs who were against the High Court verdict.
"We have never been against the reservation policy and under the quota system, members of the SC/ST community have reached parity. To continue reservation for promotions is against the spirit of the Constitution," charged Giridhar Bhaukuni, convener of the Uttarakhand Adhikari Karamchari Shikshak Sangharsh Morcha.
The employees called for unity among different unions so that pressure could be exerted on the government to accept the High Court ruling. "We are disappointed at the lack of respect for the High Court ruling by Chief Minister Bahuguna who himself was a High Court judge," said Arun Pandey, spokesperson for the sangh.
The employees said quota in promotions was discriminatory and should be scrapped immediately by the government. "Due to quota in promotions, even much junior members of the SC/ST community are reaching higher posts. It is eroding the morale of the employees of the general category who have risen in ranks due to hardwork," said Prem Singh Gusain, president of the Shikshak Sangh (Uttarakhand).
While the state government has constituted a sub-committee of ministers to look into the matter, it is also awaiting for a Bill on quota in promotion to be brought by the Central Government on August 22. However, the decision of the state government not to put a ban on promotions has also earned the wrath of the state employees who have threatened to take to the streets if the state government ignores their demands.

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