Dehradun, June 25
All the small-scale and micro industries are feeling cheated and dejected by the tender process worth Rs 80 cr, which is to be executed tomorrow by Uttrakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA).
The parameters of tenders with regard to bulk orders of 13,000 solar lights under Atal Adarsh Gram Scheme and 80,000 lanterns under a Centre scheme worth Rs 80 cr have deliberately been crafted in such a manner by that all the small and micro industries have become ineligible to participate in it. The matter become more sensitive as the same tender process was held in August last year where four small-scale industries were selected but just after 16 days, they were asked not to proceed with the work. Those tenders were cancelled. Now after almost a year, the same tenders were held but with changed parameters, whereby only the big industries can compete.
JS Bisht, small-scale industrialist, who bagged the tender last year, said: “Last year, the criterion for the industries to participate in the tender process was that they must have a annual turnover of Rs 5 cr and experience of making solar equipment of 100 kv. They were also allowed to go under consortium with other industries to achieve the eligibility of turnover. But this year, the bar for turnover was raised to Rs 25 cr and 100 kv was changed to 800 kv. The condition of consortium too has been removed, which clearly showed that the department does not want to encourage small industries to enter into the fray.”
He said he had made up his mind to set up a plant in Paonta Sahib, instead, as Himachal Pardesh government was extending benefits and concessions to small-scale industrialists.
Another industrialist, who too won the tender last time, said on the condition of anonymity that he had placed bulk orders to suppliers after getting the tender but all of a sudden his tender was cancelled just after 16 days. He was still disposing of the products and paying back the money to suppliers. No government agency came to his rescue despite the fact that it was not his fault. The micro and small-scale industrialists have written to the Chief Minister in this regard. They are also planning to meet State Minister Amrita Rawat in this regard. Chief Project Officer, UREDA, AK Tyagi, remained unavailable for his comment.
President of Industries Association of India Pankaj Gupta said the state government always talked highly of giving top priority to micro and small-scale industry in the state which he said played a vital role in providing employment, generating revenue and proved handy in working in odd topography of the state. Despite all these reasons, he said these industries were not given a level playfield, nor any
concession which was a huge disappointment. He said the small-scale industries should be checked on the level of technical expertise but on financial level, they must be encouraged.

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