Mussoorie, August 26
The much-awaited solid waste management programme in order to reduce and segregate waste products right at the source will be implemented in the hill town of Mussoorie soon.
The officials from Uttarakhand Urban State Development Investment Programme (UUSDIP) paid a visit to the Municipal Council premises in Mussoorie today and discussed the ways to implement the solid waste management project for the town today.
Michael Dempinsky from the UUSDIP said that the IPMU unit would assist the local body in Mussoorie with an aim to improve public health and the environmental quality in the town and by increasing solid waste collection coverage from 50 per cent to 72 per cent, and supporting sound solid waste disposal methods. Improvements will be directed at segregation of solid waste at the household level and handling and management improvements at ward and town levels with emphasis on waste minimisation, provision of solid waste collection and transportation equipment, and construction of sanitary landfills in accordance with municipal solid waste management and handling rules. Michael further said that based on a plan by the Ministry of Urban Development, it is expected to be implemented within six months.
Eminent environmentalist Vipin Kumar said that it was imperative to implement the solid waste project programme to secure the future of the town. He said that the UUSDIP will support the MC by building capacity for the project and providing the necessary funding. MC president OP Uniyal said it was decided that the working group members will be formed and policy for road map will be finalised.

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