Dehradun June 25
The state police will have its own High-Altitude Police Cell which will be stationed in high-altitude area of the state throughout the year. This was announced by Director General of Police Vijay Raghav Pant on the occasion of flagging off a 10-member Adventure Sports Expedition under the leadership of Deputy Inspector General, Dehradun range, Sanjay Gunjiyal for Kalindi Pass.The proposal with regard to new structure of the cell will soon be sent to state government where police personnel will be provided adequate training and laced with required equipment and paraphernalia.
With this move, the DGP said the police would no longer depend on other agencies such as the ITBP and the Army for rescue operations in such area during the time of calamities.
Under the expedition, the team would take 10 days and trek 100 km to complete the stretch from Gangtori to Badrinath via Kalindi at the height of 19,590 ft.
This endeavour, the DGP said, would also boost adventure tourism as the state had potential in this directions. The team will also clear the area of the garbage littering around there. The accident-prone areas will be earmarked under the expedition.
Team leader Sanjay Gunjiyal said the constitution of a High-Altitude Police Cell would be a meaty step in ensuring internal and external security of the region. He said this stretch which had been one of the toughest and most challenging ones in the world witnessed many accidents and casualties taking place in the past. During such fragile occasions, the police rescue team failed to react in time which was why a special cell of police was required to plug the loophole.
Besides introducing the region and its topography to the team members along with their acclimatisation, they would also install signboards advising tourists to take the suggested precautions on the particular vulnerable spots to avoid any mishap.
The second line officer of the team, Ashish Kumar Singh, head constable, Dehradun, had scaled Mt Everest in 2008. Gunjiyal said the rest of the team members were also adept in trekking and climbing.

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