Dehradun: thieves who carried out the attack, the Patel Nagar in the matter of millions of jewelry shop for jewelry making. Typically, before the event to carry Jlewars thief entered the neighboring doctor's clinic.Breaking the wall Jlevri entered the shop and took away nearly two million jewelry. An act of the Board of the bullion is in very bad mood.
Saharanpur Road, Patel Nagar police station area in the event Saturday morning in the matter came before According to information, Abdul Samad, the main market, jewelery shop in the name of Golden Jlelrs. Jaiprakash Sharma's next doctor's clinic. Dr. Jayaprakash Clinic arrived on Saturday flew to their senses. Exhaust fan was broken skylight. Also, Abdul Samad had broken the wall between the store and Clinic. He reported the matter to local people. Abdul Samad said the store. The jewelry shop was broken and the safe keeping of jewelry were missing nearly two million. Also, store cash and other items were also missing. Information on the CO Sadar Patel Nagar Sarita Dobal SS Bisht and Inspector arrived at the scene with force. Gold bullion dealer shop in Dehradun Division officers also arrived at the scene to steal. However, fingerprint experts and dog Skwod police searched the scene. To be carried out before the event was the burglars Reiki. Abdul has filed suit in the Patel Nagar police station. Police have detained three suspects in the case. The SOG has also been investigated.
Criminals are caught soon
Golden Jewellers Dehradun in millions of cases of theft of the Board of bullion is in very bad mood. Praveen Jain, Chairman of the Board, Secretary Sunil Mason led the meeting in the capital is not safe. Bullion in the shops is constantly happening. The Board met with police officers about it, bullion has sought to catch the culprits soon.
New way of stealing
Thieves to steal in the matter of carrying out a new approach. Shop in the skylight to the shutter or not broken, but the exhaust fan grille first broke neighboring clinics. He then entered the shop off the wall.
Hectic theft, police spectator
Getting hectic robberies in the capital of the flexible attitude of the police is to give rise to many questions. Posh area of ​​the city are particularly targeted by thieves. Getting hectic robberies occurred in the dock by the police.

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