Aug 05,

 Srinagar: Stripe Devi temple is in the flood waters begin to subside. 588 meters on Sunday in a temple on the river's water level down. The water has come down to the temple circuit. The temple complex is about 15 feet of water. Suspension bridge to be broken stripe Kliasud captured by villagers in the village to provide basic public facilities is sought. Abbas Raza village SDM holding company for the movement of people when needed to provide raft boats are instructed to.
SDM has issued an order that the Srinagar - Srikot Ganganali people living in coastal areas of the river, the river levels to rise Rabainka, Rainka and Srikot to home to the Home Guard Training Center and the Panchayat. Tehsil in any type of disaster, the disaster information center telephone number may be given on 251 178. SDM said the company, according to information from the third gate of the dam site - is expected to open in a day. Administration of the remaining three directions Aacpisi company has opened the gate. Dam on Sunday in the lake water level decline of nearly one and a half meters. The island holding the flood waters Devi temple on Sunday to see the large number of people.
Stripe-to-power line and electric power supply to the village temple and Hanuman temple pillars holder are immersed in the lake. In the dark shadows. SDM has the power to give directions to smooth.SSB personnel to assist in Srinagar preventive food warehouse has been cleared.
On Sunday morning the priest Manish Pandey and Pandey Ramswrup disaster police team rushed to the temple with the raft. Authorities in Srinagar and Srikot Ganganali people living along the river is said to be careful.

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