Aug 05,
The rain continued boom in Rishikesh and the surrounding area has many hills. Living in settlements along river banks has come under threat of flooding.
Pilgrim of the past two days, the rain continues. But the boom is due to rain Ganga Rishikesh has led to a boom in small hills. Saturday saw the Chandrabhaga river in spate. Boom in Chandrabhaga river water close to shore where the Bengali settlement is reached. Chandrabhaga at this rate of water increases, as in the previous years, the colony will be the victim of threats. Declenational wild rivers in the upper part of the water has come. The Song and Suswa water in the river is still rising. The surrounding area of ​​agricultural land has increased the risk of erosion. Shyampur in stream water has increased in Bengali. Poses a threat to the agricultural land and rural areas. Instructions.

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