Dehradun: mid-June, the drought has raised the hackles of the Energy Corporation was fully washed by the rains in July. In a fortnight in July, the Corporation purchased the half power of 11 million. The average 88 lakh per day of electricity purchased.Despite a series of cuts will not stop.
Beginning of August, been dismal. In the first week of the province a tremendous rain halted the pace of hydropower projects and the production was affected. It produces 16 million units per week times three - four times is limited to 11-12 million units. In July, an average two and a half - are short of three million units. According to the Corporation in July Ovrdra quarter of 66 million units.The daily average of two million units were Ovrdra. Rostring estimate of 60 million units in July, but 12 million units of additional Rostring. By an average of two million units this quarter was Rostring.
The first project has been stalled so far maneri bhali. However, other hydropower projects begin production, but he still is unable to perform to their full potential.
Power generation in July
Total Availability - Total demand - reduction - cutting - Ovrdra
Availability and demand due to the differences have to buy electricity.
- AK Johri, MD, Power Corporation

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