Junction to say, thousands of people every day in traffic, but also important for strategic military routes to the station not a soldier desecrated and passenger safety. This is the reality of capital Raiwala Junction.
Raiwala Junction Dehradun and Rishikesh for more than 40 day rail pass. Thousands of passengers junction to traffic. But the people here do not have a Praticshaly. Train waiting for passengers to sit under the open sky. Failing to ensure passenger safety at the junction between the anti-social elements are also entered. It robbed the passengers of the events is constantly growing. GRP 14 kilometers away from the responsibility for safety rests with the post Rishikesh. GRP can also inform local police of the area is left to the action. And sheds new platform will be ready soon. Thanadhyksh Sandeep Negi said terms of security from time to time checking campaign runs from the police.

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