Dehradun. The domestic cylinders to commercial running of the business indiscriminately. The way to go to Plant City is transformed into commercial and domestic cylinders. Not that anyone is not aware of it, but profits in the game, including agency directors and corporate executives. As a result of the public who have to suffer the brunt of the gas shortage.
Demand for oil from the district is the gas supply. Paths between the cylinders is reduced but it is not a breakdown. This is even.The truck carrying gas cylinders are often lived in the village. The reason here is that the trucks are off 10 to 15 cylinders. Commercial gas cylinder into the cylinder is taken. Is certain is that the agency's trucks are removed from the cylinder, it is pay per cylinder. The agency's owner gets the profits, while the commercial users of gas cylinders tend to get black market.If you have a complaint to the company, the gas agency is invoiced. Then there unwiedly case-law are closed.

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