Pithoragarh, August 28
Geologists have found out that how underground water reserves keep the non-glacial rivers in the Kumaon region ever flowing and despite a harsh and dry season and long absence of rain these rivers keep feeding various drinking projects.
“The underground water of these rivers is deposited under two layers, whereas the crust mild granite stone system absorbs rainwater speedily. The crust quartzite rocks preserve water deep in the ground, which thereafter flows into the rivers round the year,” said Prof JS Rawat, head of National Resource Data at Shobhan Singh Jeena Campus College, Almora.
Rawat said the Ramganga (western) Saryu, Panar, Ladhiya and Gaula rivers flowed round the year due to this system of water deposit.
“The rivers in Kumaon, which are full of ground water deposition of this natural system, need more treatment from our side as sufficient ground water is not percolating into these depositions due to human disturbance,” added Prof Rawat.
Rawat said most of these water reserves were in the Syahi Devi hill near Almora which had 32 natural water sources at present. “The secret of ever flowing river lies in these water deposits which are found deep under ground,” he added.

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