Dehradun, August 21
The city unit of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) submitted a memorandum, addressed to the President and the Prime Minister, at the District Magistrate’s office expressing resentment against intrusion by Bangladesh refugees into Assam. Chandergupt Vikram, president of the local VHP unit, and Punit Mittal, city president of the BJP, said “Refugees from Bangladesh killed four Bodo youths on July 20 and three more the next day. This fomented communal violence in Assam that spread to different parts of the country, including Mumbai. The Centre has been slow in responding to the demand of the state government for Army help and this has led to killing of several youths in Assam, houses being set on fire and lakhs of people compelled to live in camps in harsh conditions.”
They said the Centre was trying to project the occurring as communal violence between Hindus and Assamese Muslims while the clashes took place between the local youth and Bangladesh refugees. It was important to view the situation in the right perspective.
The leaders said the number of Bangladesh refugees had swelled to five crore in the last few decades. Despite the orders of the Supreme Court and the High Court to identify the intruders, the state and Central governments had been patronising them for votes.
They had been provided with voter and ration cards. They drew attention towards the Bangladesh refugees allegedly gaining control over natural resources and land in the state and demanded that they be identified and segregated.

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