Aug 04,
Kotdwar: Ymkeshhwar block illegal alcohol business these days is staggering. Alcohol smugglers Hunsle elevated so that the alcohol laden jeeps in the area is being sold indiscriminately.
Ymkeshhwar the illegal alcohol business these days is staggering. Indeed, last year the government liquor store Kandi but Kandi villagers opposed to the outlet of the times it's about thirty km. The shift away from the Grand. Store after the shift has come out in the field of alcohol smugglers.
Abnormalities were found in the store
Kotdwar: Utinda the government liquor store was in the last days of checking the irregularities were found. Upjiladikari GS Rana said, checking the store list below the paste were found. The district magistrate in this regard, the report was transmitted.
The store sold alcohol to other public place is a legal offense. If someone sells alcohol is found to be stern action against him.
GS Rana, Upjiladikari, Ymkeshhwar

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