Pithoragarh, September 17
Champawat still faces a shortage of basic amenities even 15 years after it was carved out as a separate district on September 15.
“Shortage of drinking water is the main problem of Champawat district as no new scheme has been planned for it. Champawat town is still dependant on nine natural springs, which were feeding it even before the district came into existence. Despite an increase in the administrative machinery and migration of nearby villagers to the town, no new drinking water schemes have been planned or implemented here,” said Dinesh Pandey, a journalist based in Champawat district.
“Not only has the drinking water problem of the district remained unsolved till date, but also other basic needs of the people have not been addressed. One of these demands is a district hospital,” said Shankar Dutt Pandey, a social and political worker in the district.
“We also need a bus station and a ring road to solve traffic problems caused due constantly increasing number of vehicles on the national highway. The post of the SDM, Sadar, has been lying vacant though former Chief Minister BC Khanduri had announced to fill it during a visit to the district,” said Shankar. The people of Champawat are also awaiting a master plan for the town as barren land around it could be used in a planned way. “If the government and the local administration could pay heed to the problem, we can make the ancient city of Champawat an ideal Pahari town boasting of local architecture and grandeur,” said Dinesh. 

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