Dehradun, September 4
The Dehradun Civil Defence Organisation, Post 1 section, started its five-day training programme for women as part of preparedness to tackle post-disaster exigencies at the Pragati Vihar Community Centre at Dharampur in Dehradun today.
Inaugurating the training programme, Deputy Controller, Civil Defence, Dehradun, CS Bhounthiyal stressed the importance of having full knowledge of first aid and other measures needed to deal with disaster-linked exigencies. Bhounthiyal also referred to prompt steps needed in case of natural disasters like an earthquake.
JN Yadav, Assistant Deputy Controller, Civil Defence, Dehradun said even a common man must be trained in disaster management so as to keep itself prepared for natural disasters. Rajeev Sharma, sector warden, Dehradun Civil Defence Organisation, who is hosting the training programme, said it was meant exclusively for women, particularly housewives.
Sanjay Bijalwan and other Civil Defence members were present on the occasion.

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