Dehradun, September 28
Reserve Bank of India Banking Ombudsman’s office has been in operation since 1995 with the object of enabling inexpensive, judicious and expeditious resolution of complaints relating to services rendered by banks.

Addressing a press conference in Dehradun today, Reserve Bank of India's Banking Lokpal Madhavi Sharma today said the RBI’s Banking Ombudsman's office was committed towards proper implementation of Banking Ombudsman scheme in the banks, and asserted that the office was very particular towards sensitising society towards this scheme.
She said the scheme was a yeoman service to the aggrieved bank customers, who face various hassles en-course of their day-to-day banking. She held that RBI Banking Ombudsman's Kanpur office was looking at the complaints from Uttarakhand. She disclosed that in the last financial year 2011-12, from Uttarakhand a total of 500 complaints were received by the Kanpur office. Similarly, 403 complaints were received in 2010-11 and 392 complaints were received in 2009-10. She said most of these complaints were redressed.
Referring to the nature of complaints, Madhavi Sharma said the complaints were mostly pertaining to pension payments, ATM-linked issues, levying of charges without notice, settlement of claims in death cases and issues linked to loans.
Sharma said the RBI was also working towards ensuring general public awareness about the Banking Ombudsman scheme and asserted that even banks had been asked to put up display boards apprising about this scheme.
She said filing complaints under the Banking Ombudsman scheme was very easy and can even be filed by just writing a complaint in a postcard and dispatching it to the RBI Banking Ombudsman's office.
Deputy General Manager, RBI Banking Ombudsman scheme, Kanpur, D C Hansdah, was also present at the news conference.

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