Haridwar, September 26
A one-day national conference of turbine blade manufacturing vendors from across the country was held at the New Engineering Building Conference Convention Centre of Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited, Ranipur, today.
The participants discussed various aspects to enhance the efficiency of power production-related equipment and accessories.
Executive Director, BHEL, Virendra Pandhi said the BHEL had capacity to meet the power requirements of the country.
He said taking into consideration two quarterly production parameter, they were about to achieve the target of 13,000 MW set for the current fiscal year.
He said BHEL only expected high quality and standards from its vendors and other facilitating units. “BHEL is ready to provide full support to vendors, who want to have business with us. Attempts to improve quality are always welcome and smaller aspects need to be considered, as at a higher stage minor faults can prove detrimental to quality production,” said Pandhi.
Managing Director (TBM) Bishwajeet Das said turbine blade production should always be made taking into consideration quality demands of potential customers. MD (Quality ), AK Saxena, Ashok Gupta, Bhoodutt Sharma and Ankit Gupta were also present.

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