BRO work delayed in landslide sensitive zones 

Pithoragarh, September 22
Border Roads Organisation (BRO) engineers have to wait more two days to clear the vehicular traffic on the Tanakpur-Tawaghat national highway, a lifeline to border district of Pithoragarh and Champawat, as the road has developed new landslide sensitive zones due to three days of continuous rains this month.
Though the BRO engineers have cleared the road from debris, the possibility of more landslides cannot be ruled out. “A new sensitive zone has come up near Amori, where the rains have helped in sprouting new water springs,” said Chandresh Aggrawal, commander of BRO.
According to Aggarwal, fine new sensitive zones have also developed on this 262-km-long road, as after treating the old sensitive zones, the BRO was not aware of these zones, which have suddenly developed after the incessant rains this week.
“At present, the condition of the new sensitive zone near Belkhet is showing most alarming postures as due to the new heavy water springs, the mudslide is continuously pouring on the road,” said Pankaj Kumar, an engineer with the BRO, working on this road.
“The condition of some old zones has become alarming as the new water springs have sprouted at these places after continuous rains,” said the BRO engineer, adding that had new sensitive zones not developed, the road would have cleared much earlier.

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