Dehradun, September 28
DGP Vijay Raghav Pant has taken the initiative in making the Police Department more sensitive towards the significance of blood donation. He has directed officers in-charge of each police unit in the state to keep details of blood groups of police personnnel and officers working under them so that the blood of a required group could be donated to the related hospitals whenever required.

He said those who would donate blood would be given Rs 500. They were also required to keep the instructions with regard to time gap for repeated blood donations. He said as per the slogan of the Uttarakhand police, ‘Friendship, Service and Security,’ the state police could donate blood to save precious lives at the time of accidents or other calamities, and also to replenish the paucity of blood in blood banks of hospitals and other institutions.
Under this action plan, Superintendent of Police/PAC commandants have been instructed to keep contact with concerned hospitals so that instant response could be given in the time of need. He said the needy institutions or persons could also contact the police headquarters or police force at the district/unit level on toll free number at 18001804111 and 100. He said priority would be given to disaster-stricken people, accident victims and poor people.
He said police personnel must know that the myths prevailing with regard to blood donations had been busted long ago and it had been proved that the health of the donor improved after each blood donation. He said the police would be able to augment a sense of brotherhood and belongingness with people with their progressive thinking and initiative of blood donation. 

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