Pithoragarh, September 20
Uttarakhand BJP president Bishen Singh Chufal said here today that Matbar Singh Kandari, a former BJP minister and senior leader, was angry with the BJP on the entry of former Congress leader Virender Singh Bisht from Rudraprayag into the party.
“Kandari has still not left the party but expressed resentment over the induction of Virendra Bisht in the party. He has fears that Bisht’s activities in Rudraprayag can hinder his political future, but party has confined the activities of Bisht in Dehradun only,” said Chufal, while addressing a press conference here on his arrival from Dehradun today.
However, Chufal hinted that Kandari was dissatisfied over the decisions of some senior leaders in the party and saw these as obstruction to his political future.
“He (Kandari) has expressed displeasure over some senior leaders’ actions to keep him aside on party matters, fearing these leaders want him to become inactive in the party,” said Chufal.
Asked if the alienation of Kandari could affect the BJP's prospects in the Tehri byelection, the BJP chief said Kandari had not yet left the party.
Chufal expressed satisfaction over his party's cooperation to “Bharat Bandh” and said the Union Government, by bringing in foreign capital in the retail sector, wanted to ruin small and medium sector units.
‘Today they are bringing retail traders to the country, tomorrow they will bring foreign farmers to cultivate our land,” said Chufal.

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