Film against Islam
Action against US film-maker sought

Dehradun, September 23
Uttarakhand's Muslim community has strongly condemned a western film portraying Prophet Mohammed in poor light. The community has also decided to send a memorandum to the United Nations Secretary General through Uttarakhand Governor seeking action against the film-maker.
Presiding over a meeting of the Muslim community at Jama Masjid in Dehradun today, Shahr Qazi Maulana Mohammed Ahmed Qasmi strongly condemned the making of anti-Islam film by the western world.
Qasmi said the countries like the United States and Israel wanted to defame the religion by propagating wrong things about Prophet Muhammed. "By making such films, the countries like the US and Israel wanted to spread hatred and create unrest across the globe", he pointed out.
Shahr Qazi Qasmi also appealed to the Muslims to maintain restraint against the American provocation.
Mufti Saleem Ahmed Qasmi too condemned anti-Islam film makers in strongest words and asked the Muslims to be cautious against such forces.
Another speaker Mufti Rayees Ahmed reminded that only some time back, someone had made a derogatory cartoon of Prophet Muhammed and now an anti-Islam film had been made to hurt the feelings of the Muslim community.
Earlier, Maulana Abdul Kadir started the meeting by reciting the verses from the Kuran. A large number of Muslim community members attended the meeting.

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