Dehradun, September 4
State president of the Samajwadi Party Vinod Barthwal today slammed the state government for its stand on various policies. He said the state government must honour the decision of the Supreme Court with regard to the reservation in promotion.
Referring to the Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh, he said, "The Samajwadi Party is not against reservation but does not favour reservation in promotion. The government in Uttar Pradesh has adhered to the decision of Supreme Court in this matter."
He said the state government was stretching this issue unnecessary and buying time by forming a committee on it.
He also expressed disappointment the way the employees of various departments were holding strike or protests on various issues. "The employees of various government or semi-government departments are either staging dharnas or holding strikes. They are holding rallies and disrupting traffic. The work in the offices also suffers. The government money is being wasted.
People run from pillar to post but there is no one to attend them in the offices," he said.
He also stated that the bureaucracy was getting dominant over ministers in the state.
He said the state government was taking unilateral decisions without consulting other parties. The important decision involving Public Private Partnership or reservation in promotion must have been taken by convening an all-party meeting. Similarly, merely holding a Cabinet meeting in Gairsain would not send a message that the state government was serious about the hills. Gairsain was not a picnic spot. The state government must consider it as the summer capital.

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