Haridwar, September 14
Mass outrage was witnessed across the district today over the Centre’s decision of hike in diesel prices and selective subsidy on domestic LPG cylinders.
Political and social organisations are expressed their anger over the decision by staging protests.
A meeting was held by the city unit of the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (Progressive) at its camp office where party leaders said the hike was unfair and the one which demonstrated the anti-common man policy of the Congress government.
Central secretary, labour cell, Uday Ram Semwal, said the subsidy cap on the domestic LPG cylinders limited to only six cylinders was making mockery of the common man.
“If the government can provide subsidy on six cylinders then it can also provide subsidy on six more cylinders as a single family needs at least one cylinder per month. Similarly, hike in diesel prices will have a bearing on the farm, industries, trade and essential commodities,” said Semwal.
Youth wing chief Lalit Mamgain also cornered the BJP for trying to gain political advantage from this hike.“The UPA government is providing waivers, facilities and concessions to multinationals in retail, insurance, air transport or telecom, but is not providing subsidy to common man on domestic cylinders. It has failed to control inflation and now it has aggravated public woes by putting cap on the number of LPG cylinders and Rs 5 hike in diesel,” said Mamgain.
The BJP also staged protests at various places. The Mahila Morcha condemned the action of the government, demanding an instant roll back of the hike.
District secretary of the morcha Sanjana Sharma said the UPA was anti-poor.
BJP activists led by district chief of the BJP unit Sushil Chauhan burnt effigies of the Centre. He said the decision would ouster the Congress from power.
CPM and CPI activists also held separate meetings calling on the hike as a way to cater to capitalists and cartel of multi billionaire oil companies only.
RC Dhiman, veteran communist leader, said during the rule of UPA-I, communist parties never allowed the Congress to dictate oil price rise, otherwise then also such a price hike would have been witnessed.
Samajwadi Party also staged a protest with its city unit secretary Kazi Chand urging other parties to form a third front under SP Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav so as to ouster the anti-poor Congress from the Centre.
In a statement, Bahujan Samaj party leader Mohammed Shahzad also condemned the price hike saying that government should have eluded the subsidy cap on LPG to the BPL families, minority and SC/ST families.

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