Pithoragarh, September 17
A total of 11 persons have so far died and two others are missing in Kapkot area of Bageshwar district in the natural catastrophe that occurred in the district last week, official sources informed.
According to the sources, a population of 1350 in 262 villages has been affected by this disaster till date, and besides 11 deaths, 2 have been missing since last week in Kapkot area, while 5 injured villagers have been admitted to local hospitals. "A total of 27 houses have been fully damaged, 93 are not in liveable condition and 68 houses have been partially damaged in the catastrophe that struck Kapkot villages four days ago," said Manju Pandey, District Disaster Management Officer of Bageshwar.
According the officer, 174 villages have been affected in Kapkot by this disaster, whereas 6674 hectares of agriculture land had been washed away by the slide that followed the cloudburst in different villages of the subdivision. "Out of 6 national roads in the district, five are open and only one that connects Kapkot with the rest of the district has been closed. Three inter-district roads, 15 rural roads and 4 main district roads are closed while 24 light vehicle roads in the district are closed till date," said Manju Pandey.
According to the villagers, 52 families in Garur area have also gone homeless. Keeping this in mind, District Magistrate V. Shanmugham has ordered to a survey the villages affected by the disaster. "The villages of Pothing, Cheerabagar, Naukori, Khaibagar Uchat Kapholi, Kaniyalikot, Sumti Baisani and Ganchi in Kapkot and Pokhari, Bantoli, Ruini, Lakhmar, Bhatiria, Rikhar and Maldey in Garur area have been affected badly," said Keshev Bhatt, a local journalist, who returned from the visit of the disaster-affected areas recently.
Union Minister of State for Agriculture Harish Rawat, along with his team, visited the affected areas on Sunday and assured those affected that the government would do everything to help the villagers recover from the disaster. "There will be no shortage of funds for the relief and repair package the areas will need in the future," said the minister.
"The villagers of 6 villages in Jagthana and Kaniyalikot areas are now compelled to travel 20 km from their village to the nearest market to purchase essential goods as the Bageshwar to Kapkot motor road has been damaged," said Keshev Bhatt. 

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