Dehradun, September 28
The CPI and the CPM have decided to campaign against the BJP and the Congress in Tehri Lok Sabha bypoll. State secretary, CPI, Samar Bhandari, and state secretary, CPM, Vijay Rawat, announced this in a jointly held press conference in city today.

They said both the parties were responsible for widespread corruption, blatant plunder of natural resources and ignorance of basic problems of the people of the state. They also lamented about the forcible imposition of election in the time of urgency when many parts of the state were hit by natural calamities.
They said they had held statewide dharna on September 10 and met the Governor on September 16 to postpone the election. They pointed out that the eagerness of Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna to hold the election exposed his insensitivity towards people of the state, who were in pain due to disasters.
Both the leaders were of the view that the state government spent first six months of its tenure in furthering the interests of the corporate world. The decision of privatisation of sugar mills and giving important institutions such as education, health, Garhwal Mandal and Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam on public private partnership only proved that. Stock market company, India Bull, which was stuck in coal distribution scam, was also being backed in the energy sector in the state, they said, and added that the announcement of Saket Bahuna, Congress candidate, of assimilating Vikas Nagar in the ambit of Great Doon was only meant to sponsor the interests of those involved in real state.
The leaders declared their support to the candidates of other parties who would fight for development of the state.

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