Haridwar, September 14
After much hype over according the Mahamandaleshwar title to Mumbai-based Radhe Maa, investigation into her life, spiritual-religious powers, achievements, property worth crores and ascetic life after attaining spiritual knowledge from religious gurus is going on at a snail's pace.

Though initially, a time limit of three months was stated by Juna Akhada office-bearers on August 4, but keeping in mind the upcoming Mahakumbh in Prayag, Allahabad, the delay seems inevitable. As all akhadas, including Juna Akhada, play a pivotal role during the Mahakumbh rituals and festivities, akhada saints probing the matter too are now busy in preparing for the biggest fair.
The 11-member probing committee led by Radhe Maa's spiritual guru Swami Panchnad has not been able to visit all states, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat and Maharashtra where Radhe Maa has been associated in her past and present life in one way or the other.
Parshu Ram Giri of the Shri Panch Dash Nam Juna Akhada said as the controversy had erupted since her being accorded the tag, to remove any suspicion or doubts, the akhada had decided to suspend her title. Investigation was going on and it all depended on the investigation committee though until she came out clean in the investigation report, she was barred from the Mahamandaleshwar tag.
Radhe Maa, who has to her credit thousands of devotees with donations accounting in billions of rupees, proclaims her to be the incarnation of Maa Durga.
Popularly known as Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa, she was born in the village of Dorangla in Gurudaspur district of Punjab where her father, who now leads a retired life, was an officer in the Punjab government.
On August 2, Juna Akhada head Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Avdheshanand Giriji Maharaj conferred on the much-hyped woman saint the coveted title amid the performance of rituals.
This function was kept highly secret. Immediately after conferring on the Mahamandaleshwar title, Radhe Maa left for Mumbai in the wee hours of the morning as per akhada insiders.

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