Dehradun, September 7
The Raipur police on Friday arrested Shiv Singh and his brother Tarun for firing at Shiv’s father-in-law Narender Bhandari, resident of Nathuawala, Raipur.
Shiv’s wife, Mannu, had been staying at her father’s place for more than a year. She did not have good terms with her husband who was unemployed and used to drink frequently. Shiv tried to persuade her many times to return to him but did not succeed.
Both the brothers in the morning came drunk and talked of taking Mannu with them. The father-in-law got angry on seeing them drunk. On this, Tarun fired at him from his revolver. The bullet hit him in the stomach. He was taken to CMI Hospital. His condition is stable. The police has arrested both the accused.

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