Haridwar, September 28
The recommendations of the Lyngdoh Commission as per the directives of the Supreme Court have shown signs of a positive impact. There has been tremendous improvement in the educational environment of colleges.
At Shravanath Math Jawaharlal Nehru College (SMJN) campus, violence among students, factionalism by student union outfits and regular forcible closing by respective political student wings were traits of the day.
But now with strict implementation of Lyngdoh Commission norms, the college has seen drastic change in college results, academic atmosphere, increase in co-curricular activities and respect towards teachers by students.
Newly appointed Principal of SMJN College SK Batra, while talking to TNS, said that now the college had started regaining its lost status of a pioneering academic campus as it was in the 60s and 70s.
“We have been quite strict on student union election with only meritorious students being elected student union representatives. This makes the election process safer and we have study-oriented representatives elected, while earlier political party-backed students normally won the elections,” said Batra.
Citing two consecutive girl students' tenure, Prerna Kainthola and Varsha Dhanik, Batra said that now cooperation and respect among teachers and students had increased with student woes being immediately addressed by the faculty.
“All students have been instructed to meet me personally for any problem they have, as speedy redressal is the main objective. Students should concentrate on studies and their problems need to be solved. We are also issuing library books to all the students, holding regular co-curricular activities, weekly debates, discussions and are motivating them to realise their career goal at an early age,” said Batra.
A dress code has also been put in place with girls wearing white salwaar kameez and boys in black trousers and white shirts. Earlier, due to no dress code, outsider anti-social elements used to easily mingle in the student crowd, creating hooliganism.
To impart moral and practical knowledge to the students, help is being sought from experts with corporate HR executives being called to give the students right information and industry requirement.
“We want to give our students a moral-based as well as professional education atmosphere. Eventually, the younger generation is the future of the country. Student union elections in every university and college had damaged the academic environment. But now the students had realised the negative impact of that,” said Batra, while planting a sapling along with students on the college campus.

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